Here are some of the best free plugins available from across the internet. Load them into your DAW and make some magic!


Reverb II by Tal

This handy plate reverb plugin comes with a three band EQ and looks fantastic.


Saturation Knob

Turn one knob and watch how your drums, vocals, basslines, and other tracks start to shine.


Dexed (FM Synthesis Synth)

This FM synthesis synthesizer is closely modeled on the famous Yamaha DX7.



The download page is mostly in Japanese and hosted on GeoCities, but this synth packs some punch.


MT Power Drum Kit 2

This drum kit has been preprocessed with compressors and EQs, making it perfect for beginners.


Tunefish Analog Synthesizer

Tunefish is a lightweight but powerful virtual analog synthesizer with a lot of flexibility.