How To Write A Song

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How To Write A Song

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An Introduction To Writing Songs

If you want to learn how to write a song then you’re in the right place!

Songwriting is a very enjoyable activity, though making a song isn’t the simplest of things. The first few times you try can feel overwhelming. You may have already attempted to create a song, gotten stuck, and now you’ve found yourself here – that’s okay, we all have to start somewhere.

This guide will teach you how to be a better songwriter. Inside you’ll find loads of great information, including:

  • What makes an unforgettable chorus
  • Tricks to writing powerful lyrics
  • How to structure a song
  • The easiest way to write melodies
  • And lots more

You can be an absolute beginner at songwriting and this guide will serve you well. It was written for new songwriters and you won’t find anything overly technical inside.

You don’t have to know music theory to understand what’s in this guide, though familiarity with theory is a useful skill to have when writing songs. As such, you’ll want a firm grasp on music notation, basic chords, and how to read music.

Getting Started with Songwriting: Our Top Tip

Write a lot. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike but listen when it does

When it comes to the creative process – whether it’s songwriting, writing a book, or making videos for YouTube – there are two philosophies out there:

Creative Philosophy #1: Divine Inspiration Will Guide You
Creation through inspiration is the only way to create. When inspiration strikes it’s like a lightning bolt and you must immediately take action.


Creative Philosophy #2: Consistent Effort Required
Day in and day out you must labor at your craft until the work is complete.

Both philosophies are correct. Inspiration will strike, often at the strangest of times, and it is wise to pay attention to it. At the same time, creating anything is a lot of work. If you sit around waiting for inspiration you might find yourself not doing that much songwriting (and nothing will hold you back more than not working on your music).

The trick to creating anything is to consistently stick with it. We recommend you dedicate time each day to the songwriting process. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you improve and how many songs you can write in a short period of time with consistent effort.

When inspiration does strike, be sure to immediately take advantage of it by writing down the lyrics or singing into an app like Evernote or Google Keep.

Speaking of inspiration…

Where to Find Inspiration

The best place to find inspiration is in the music you love and in the music you want to create.

Start browsing lyrics sites and pay attention to how your favorite songs are put together. How long are the lines? How many lines are in the verse? The chorus? What makes that bridge so darn good?

At the same time, start listening to your favorite songs a little more closely. Try to figure out why melodies soar and why those songs make you feel the way they do.

Finally, take the time to listen to music outside your favorite artists and genres. Pay careful attention to pop, hip hop, and rock, even if you’re not writing songs in one of those categories. Each genre is beloved by untold millions of people for many good reasons and you can certainly draw inspiration from the greats in each genre.

Alright, it’s time to dive deep and start learning about songwriting. Let’s head to the next chapter in this guide and look at the different components of a song.